Wendy Nguyen

Wendy Nguyen has made a career out of seeing what others cannot, and then connecting the dots for success. Her early days as auditor, controller, and CFO in large companies taught her to look beyond surface information, and she learned in her years as CPA, CEO, and business owner the importance of creating a vision rooted in shared values and strategy.

For nearly two decades, her creative approach of examining all financial and non-financial angles of a client’s business to uncover potential pitfalls and opportunities has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor. She is a strong proponent of establishing objectives and key results (OKR) for her clients and helping them use technology as a tool to create dashboards to manage their business strategies.

Wendy is deeply invested in her clients’ success, often working shoulder-to-shoulder with them. She serves as equal parts mentor, partner, and facilitator to craft and execute plans that link data with strategies to increase profitability and growth. Her collaboration with her clients helps them go from negative to positive cash flows as fast as three months, increases their profitability by reducing their expenses over 30%, and provides strategies to generate new revenue sources.

A true entrepreneur, Wendy is the founder of multiple businesses, including TNC CPAs, an operational and financial management consulting firm that has nearly tripled in revenue and employees in its second year. She is passionate, firm, and dedicated to always doing what’s right for her clients, who range from start-ups to global organizations. Wendy provides assurance services and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions for over 300 companies encompassing 20 different industries. She also helps her clients gain access to capital funding for lines of credit, SBA loans, and venture capitals.

Wendy believes in doing well by doing good, is a strong supporter of entrepreneurs and women, and partners with organizations that embrace a community-building mindset. She serves as a board director and thought leader for several national organizations, including the American Lung Association, and considers herself a lifelong learner, enhancing her professional development through ongoing educational courses from Goldman Sachs, Harvard, and Global OKRs.

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