Administrative Policies

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CPE Administrative Policies

1. Record Retention Policy

In accordance with Standard No. 24, all paid transactions, test records, course/event records, correspondence and documentation are kept for no less than 5 years at Global Growth Business, 739 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Contact (415) 237-0076 or send an email to for more information.

These records include all of the following:

  • course/event outline, including course announcement information, program agenda and handouts, and speaker notes if applicable
  • amount of recommended continuing education credit
  • list of all participants completing the course/event
  • the continuing education credits earned by each participant
  • the dates of the period during which the course/event was available
  • copies of participant course/event evaluations
  • evidence of compliance with responsibilities set out under the standards for continuing professional education programs


2. Refund Policy

Sales to all courses/events offered by Global Growth Business are final & non-refundable unless the course/event is postponed (e.g. due to force majeure) – in which case the customer will be offered a full refund or a future course/event of equal value.

For further information please contact


3. Program Cancellation Policy

If a course/event is cancelled a full refund will be offered to customers or they may elect to apply the registration fee to a similar course/event scheduled at a later date. If a customer is unable to attend a course that he/she registered for, the customer will be given the opportunity to apply the registration fee to a similar program offered at a later date or receive a recording of the course/event (recordings are not eligible for credit).

For further information and notification of inability to attend please contact

Credit card refunds will be processed within two business days of receipt of a refund request. If this requirement is not met, please contact us so we can follow up with the credit card company.


4. Complaint Resolution Policy

Global Growth Business will make every effort to provide the best learning, development & training courses/events possible. For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact Giles Godwin-Brown via email at

Giles Godwin-Brown   ||   Commercial Director   ||   ||   1-415-237-0076


5. Course Update Policy

Prior to publication, all Global Growth Business courses/events will be reviewed by qualified persons other than the course developer, in order to assure the courses are accurate, timely, and consistent with currently accepted standards relating to the pertinent subject matter(s). All Global Growth Business courses will be reviewed and revised, as appropriate, on an annual basis. During each review, Global Growth Business staff will check technical accuracy, timeliness, and sufficiency to achieve the stated learning objectives. In addition, course evaluations will be reviewed each quarter to assess program effectiveness, and all appropriate changes will be made that are necessary to enhance program effectiveness.

Should any links and references not work, please email Global Growth Business at:

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