Patricio Ovejas Simón

Patricio Ovejas Simon (“POS”) – CFO Grupo Cinemex POS began his professional career as an analyst in a consulting boutique firm and then he pursued his career as a trader within public markets having a thorough understanding of a post-IPO financial perspective. After a while, he joined a Venture Capital Fund and played a fundamental analytical role within the team for more than 4 years. By then POS had the theory and analytical experience to truly add value in the day-to-day operation, hence, he joined a Mexican Telco Company as their CFO. Not being enough involvement and his strong desire to add even more value to the business operation brought him the opportunity of becoming Fitpass COO and successfully opened the Colombian market though COVID-19. Today POS is leading as a truly hands on CFO of Grupo Cinemex which is the 6th largest Cinema Company in the world with presence in Mexico and US. POS holds a BS in Industrial Engineering by Universidad Anahuac and an MBA from McCombs Business School UT / EGADE (Class of 2018).

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