Martin Hayes

“We are the change that we seek” – is a mantra I live by. Whether it be in personal development, business value creation, team dynamics or my own sports performance – this is a principle that applies to everything I do. Having experienced many diverse cultures whilst living and working in 4 different countries, I believe the common threads of integrity, respect and trust bring out the best in people regardless of culture or position and are absolutely critical to growth.

After many years on Management Boards, my leadership responsibilities have grown from my base in Finance (ACMA qualified accountant) to include Commercial Support, Information Technology and Procurement. I have a strong track record of achieving both top and bottom line improvement both organically through business transformation and inorganically with acquisitions & successful integrations. My last decade has been within FMCG specifically in the beverages industry with Heineken. Prior to this I have extensive experience in the express delivery & logistic businesses and a brief time in commercial foreign exchange.

I am a proud father of two children and my family is what I am truly thankful for in life. I enjoy a range of board sports (snowboarding/SUP/surfing) to varying degrees of success! I am also a runner and triathlete .

Authenticity, a growth mindset and a passion for positive change are the drivers of who I am – a highly results orientated yet compassionate leader.

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