Aakif Khan

Aakif Khan is currently heading the FP&A team in Hungry jacks Australia and part of a team who are successfully transforming the business.

He has 20 years of experience which started with PWC, and includes separately heading finance departments of two large FMCGs in Dubai and Middle East. During both these roles, the companies were operating across multiple countries, facing different stages of economic cycle, from stable to hyperinflationary, so his key focus was on Revenue management and cost efficiencies, in addition to strengthening the balance sheet, transforming and restructuring respective finance departments, pivoting from traditional accounting to business partners.

He has also headed FP&A of two of the largest conglomerates in Middle East Region. One of these conglomerates has 50+ JVs, which included Kleenex, Coca Cola, Nestle, Kraft Foods, Baxter Pharma, Colgate Palmolive, Burger King and scores of other international brands operating in that region, in addition to other local businesses that included Oil & Gas, IT, FMCG, Property, Health Care, Private Equity & Public Equity. The other conglomerate, operated KFC, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreme, Costa, Hardee’s and few other American brands in +10 countries in Middle Eastern region. In both these roles his key learning was grappling with volatility and uncertainty, helping build business resilience, supporting navigation through different economic and business cycles of countries. 

Part of these roles he also; co-led a very successful M&A by world’s largest dairy company, led post-merger integration of an FMCG business, organisational transformations and massive restructurings, investment analysis of projects worth several billion Dollars for sovereign wealth funds and participated in IPO preparation. 

In his non busy time he loves exploring and understanding US stock market, and is a very passionate advocate of value-investing style.

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