Event Health & Safety

Health & Safety at Events

Public health is at the forefront of peoples minds, and the team here at World Finance Forum are no different. Our events will follow the recommendations outlined by local, regional & national government bodies when it comes to safely delivering in-person business events.

Some measures that are available to us at most venues include:

  • Total attendance capped at a percentage of the venues maximum capacity (e.g. 50%) to allow for great spacing, airflow and comfort of attendees
  • Participants asked and/or required to show a negative test result (taken from either a PCR or rapid lateral flow test) that was taken no more than 72 hrs prior to the event start.
  • Participants asked and/or required to show proof of double (or triple, in some areas) vaccination by nationally approved vaccine.
  • No handshake policies onsite.
  • Face-masks required in indoor settings when not eating or drinking.
  • Enhanced cleaning of venues during the event by onsite staff trained on sanitisation & hygiene measures.
  • Adapted service of F&B to reduce contact points.
  • Improved signage to clearly indicated routes, directions & recommendations to all participants.
  • Increased ventilation & airflow through specialist air-filtration / HVAC systems.

Your health, safety & on-site experience are of upmost importance to us; we look forward to providing fantastic events filled with great presentations, engaging discussions, meaningful business connections, amazing food & drink, and socially-responsible in-person networking!

Please bring any concerns to our immediate attention; our onsite event staff are on-hand to assist.

We thank our participants for helping to keep our events safe, welcoming & respectful to all.

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